This weekend brings us the Sawtooth 100 on the Superior hiking trail and I find myself extremely jealous of the friends and acquaintances that are toeing up for the race. I find myself fueling this jealousy by reading the blogs, FB comments and tweets. I have to admit I’ve even got a bit anxious about the idea of signing up at the last minute.

This idea sounds crazy and is crazy for someone who on first hand off hasn’t attempted a 100 miler and is coming off an injury and is only a month into training for a 50 miler. But still I find it difficult to withstand the draw of such an adventure. I know it will pass and I will pick up a few nuggets of wisdom along the way. I know I’ll be checking for updates regularly in hopes of getting a small glimpse of the goings on. And, I know I’ll pretend I can relate to what the runners are going through all knowing that it’s an entirely new world after after mile 50.

So what am I doing this weekend? Other than the obvious reasons, why am I not up there? Well my little brother is off to Madison Wisconsin to attempt the Ironman triathlon. After a 24 mile training run I get to jump in a truck and drive for 4-5 hours with my father to witness this event. I can only imagine it will be a spectacular time and great thing to witness. It will be something to see all the training come together and what happens to the body when confronted with a Marathon after a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride.

To all the runners toeing it up at Sawtooth this weekend the best of luck, enjoy the roller coaster. I’ll surely be thinking of you out on the home turf of the Afton State Park. To my brother and all the other IM contenders I wish you the best of luck and safety as you enjoy your own roller coaster. As for me I’ll be taking in the motivation for my own ride coming up in October.


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  1. I hope your training continues to go well and that your brother did well at his IM. I spectated there last year and enjoyed it. Good luck in October!

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